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"Justin makes AMAZING gluten free cookies! Darrel asked him if he'd make some for me for Easter, and even though he never had before,

Justin absolutely KILLED IT!! Most gluten free cookies taste like sand, but Justin's are soft and delicious and chocolatey, and frankly, you don't know they are gluten free!

Can't recommend enough and thank you to Justin for delivering them to our new house as I was sipping coffee and surrounded by boxes. They were an amazing treat, especially when you can't find any of your food you packed, and we will be ordering again, for sure!"

-  Lindsay  -

"Absolutely delicious cookies and Justin makes it so easy - delivery or pick-up options to make sure you get the freshest batch! 10/10 !

As an added bonus, these reheat SO WELL it’s like getting them fresh out of the oven every time"

-  Angela  -


"I ordered the regular chocolate chip cookies for a small retirement party and some of the lava cookies for myself and my boyfriend. They were AMAZING! The cookies at the party were the first thing gone and one for us didn't last the weekend. So yummy!"

-  Lizz  -

"I had cookies delivered today. Yes...COOKIE DELIVERY.

My friend Justin makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies! I had to force myself not to eat the whole batch in one sitting. He just started the company Chip Off the Block Bakery and his recipe is unreal. I probably will never make my own again.

The cookie orders can be picked up or delivered. They are made fresh. So do yourself a favour and order a batch!!


-  Amelia  -

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